Full Width Backgroung Slider

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This wordpress plug-in gives a beautiful touch and a dynamic
feel to any website by allowing you to easily create a full-width
background slide with many built in options.


  • You can enable or disable this plugin for a particular post or page.
  • You can have a different slider for each post or page.
  • You can add up to 10 different slides for each slider.
  • If you don’t want the slider but instead want to just add a single background image to the page, you just need to enter one value in the slide options and this plugin will do the rest for you.
  • Compatible with all major browsers at all resolutions,
    this plugin re-sizes the background images according to the screen resolution.
  • You can decide the time for the slide to fade and have an option in the back-end to set
    the time for the slides to transition. You can do this for each slideshow. An example would
    be, if you want the slider to run fast for a particular post or page and another to run slow, you
    can easily do that.
  • This plugin comes with 6 ready to use amazing backgrounds.
  • Premium support –We will help you install this plugin on your website. Go to our help desk at
    http://www.wpfruits.com/contact-us/ and we will get right back with you to install your new plugin. We
    also offer WordPress help for just $99.00 for a 4 hour session.
  • The new overlay feature will give an additional professional look to your images. Now you have 14 options to
    choose the overlay effect for your backgrounds and you can do that for each page. You can now choose a
    different overlay for each page.
We have added a few great features like:

    • Progress bar at the bottom.
    • Navigation for the Background Slides that floats to the right of the page.
    • Thumbnail options – When you click on the thumb option it show you all the slides

in an awesome circular form and you can click and make the slide go that slide.

  • Play pause option for the slideshow.
  • Bullet option. You can add cool bullets at the bottom of the page for the slideshow.


Add a cool overlay effect

Click on the images to see how they effect the overlay for your image.



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